At Tarragon we understand that patrons have a passion for wine so with great pleasure we welcome you to our wine list. This wine list idea has been fermenting in my mind for a long time. As I gained more experience in wine and wine service, with dedication and some serious thought this was the optimal time to present it to you. Indeed, I was fortunate to have the backing of Marvin Gauci for this project.

Our wine list

Wine selection

This wine list has a wide selection of carefully chosen wines from both the classic regions to the up and coming wine producing countries. Apart from the customary tasting notes of each wine, I thought I’d delve deeper into wines roots and offer you more information such as history, inside the grape to hig light its most important features, description of numbers of grape varieties, storing and stoppering wine. Also depict the location, climate and soil chara teristics on different regions of the world and their influence on typical wines they produce. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to ask any of our trained staff in picking your wine for this dining experience or else leaf through its pages to assist you in selecting the right bottle to uncork.